Domestic Cleaning

How it works:

    • Your KAPADIA contact will spend time with you in your property to ascertain how you prefer your home to be cleaned.


    • We have a comprehensive checklist to assist you and ensure we cover all areas of your home


    • We log this information and use it each visit to ensure that all work is carried out to your specification


    • Your requirements are then conveyed to the cleaners who are taken around your house and shown how you like things done. If there is a change of cleaner, your contact at KAPADIA will ensure that your wishes are again passed on


    • We train our cleaners to have an intelligent approach to cleaning your home. Rather than just doing the same things, week in week out and neglecting the more time-consuming tasks they address these tasks on a circular basis e.g cleaning fridge, cooker appliances etc. Using this approach they can keep on top of your housekeeping needs


    • All our staff are vetted using an external organisation